Central Victorian storms - west central.....east central

4th February 2005

Images: Jane ONeill, Clyve Herbert, Shawn Smits


Rockbank - mid afternoon - Clyve Herbert

Greendale, Rockbank - mid afternoon - Shawn Smits


This Par 5 hole went up to a Par 35 after the rain at Ballan golfcourse!!.....

Taken from the Abbotsford / Kew area - mid and late afternoon - Jane ONeill

Image of multicell taken from Melbourne CBD - Clyve Herbert - Rainbow on the run.......

Images of the same multicell taken from Bayswater North, Croydon area - Jane ONeill

North of Lilydale - Jane ONeill


Current Australian & Victorian Conditions incl AusSnow

Current Australian & Victorian Conditions incl AusStorm

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