December Stormfest

(the tropics invade Victoria)

6th - 12th December 2004

Images : Jane ONeill, Clyve Herbert, Shawn Smits, Ross Buscall, Casey Buscall, David Heislers, John Kirk, Chris Ackland


Clyve Herbert - Melton, Central Ranges & Bendigo/Clunes area
Jane ONeill - Yarra Valley, Southwest Victoria, Central Ranges & Bendigo/Clunes area
Shawn Smits - Central Ranges & Melton area
David Heislers - Bendigo area
Ross Buscall / Casey Buscall - Rutherglen / Springhurst area (NE Victoria)
John Kirk - Doncaster looking north - 7th December
Chris Ackland - St Kilda (mobile phone camera) - 6th December

I've never seen a storm rotating like that one. The inflow was strong (over
25knots) as we were windsurfing in it, and the outflow was a fair way out from the storm's core which was back to the north of Melbourne (whilst we were at St. Kilda). It was marked with a nice gustfront which also seemed to be rotating around the storm underneath the laminar flow.
An observation I made was that the outflow didn't come directly from the
direction of the core (north) but from the ENE (ie. to the right of the storm),
indicating is must have been curving around it. The actual core ended up
dissipating as it hit around St. Kilda area.

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