Victorian Snow

14th June 2003

Images: Jane ONeill

Summit of Mt Donna Buang (1250m - 8.30am)

Summit of Donna Buang 8.30am

This guy just didn't quite manage to get up the hill in his Toyota van......

A Toyota van wasn't having much luck getting up the mountain


...the footprints of weather enthusiasts......

Victorian weather enthusiasts were here!

Between Lake Mountian and Cambarville

Near the turnoff to Lake Mountain

Puddle & stick!

This is a snow line....there's no snow on one side, and then the snow starts!!!

You've always wondered what a snowline looked like?   This is one of the best examples I've ever seen!!

On the road to Woods Point....   On the way back from the Wood's Point direction......tyre tracks are almost covered!



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