Katamatite Supercell

18th December 2003

...images from Clyve Herbert, Jane ONeill, Chris Giles with report & video to follow



This image shows the clear slot along the southern side of the flanking line - video imaging shows strong subsidence within this zone and a surface southeast flow was evident, the storm had a strong inflow along the flanking line at this stage.

Images of storms in the area taken from south of Wangaratta - courtesy Chris Giles

Situation Analysis


MSL - 4pm surface chart               Radar loop 

Above: MSL analysis 4pm 18/12/2003 (left)     Yarrawonga 128km radar loop afternoon / evening 18/12/2003 (right)

    avnt.gif (15878 bytes)

Above: 850hPa (left)  and 300hPa (right) analysis for 11pm 18/12/2003

Below: SE Australia radar loop

seausllast_anim.gif (159297 bytes)

Information courtesy Bureau of Meteorology, James Cook University, Robin Land, University of Wyoming.

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