2009 TopEndDownUnder (Darwin, NT, Australia) Stormchase

Stormchase 23rd November, 2009
Weather in Darwin can be odd, the early morning convection is quite distinctive and tends to favour the coastal regions, although forecasts may indicate only afternoon showers and storms - these early morning showers can be heavy and occasionally produce the rare waterspout, sometimes overnight storms develop especially after 2am. These occur due to atmospheric cooling and can be helped along by 'Gulf lines'.....Gulf line disturbances drift across the Top End from east to west they are linear complex systems - they can pass across northern Australia almost undetected but given high moisture which is abundant across the Darwin region in the wet they can generate storm squall lines.  Today though just some early convection and a few brief showers which eventually evaporate. We head inland and watch a large multicell over the Litchfield park region...unfortunately no roads! so we race around after deep congesting cumulus and a few showers with the odd flash flood...then back to Darwin for the usual sunset show !.....

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill / Clyve Herbert

2311A009t.jpg (22260 bytes)

Early morning convection Darwin Harbour

2311A003t.jpg (18506 bytes)

Big multicell generates over Litchfield Park - unfortunately...no roads!

2311A006t.jpg (17393 bytes)

Towering cumulus ready to drop another deluge...

2311A028t.jpg (15664 bytes)

...another deluge!

2311A012t.jpg (74702 bytes)

Tangled trees...Manton Dam

2311A035t.jpg (15361 bytes)

...another Darwin sunset!

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