2009 TopEndDownUnder (Darwin, NT, Australia) Stormchase

Stormchase 24th November, 2009
Today is an odd one for Darwin in November....its cool !, the morning starts with a good old 'Melbourne drizzle' which lasts a couple of hours, the drizzle finally clears to a brisk southeast breeze. A low over central Australia has sent a rare mid-latitude type trough into the Top End followed by a pressure surge and a stiff southeast trade bring drier air from the interior, the overcast however has made it feel very chill for Darwin. So today we decide to head down to Adelaide River for some 'Barra' and chips at the BP garage, we discover there has been some cost cutting and are told its 'imported Barramundi', we try it anyway..no is not as good as the Top End Barra. Sitting at the picnic table we here a train whistle and the Top End Ghan rolls into town, this train originally only went to the Alice but with the new Track to Darwin you can ride this train all the way from Adelaide to Darwin if you want. With the coolness little convection gets going until very late and then its feeble along the sea breeze front northeast of Darwin. We head back for some Indian tucker......

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill / Clyve Herbert

2411A002t.jpg (15486 bytes)

A dirty, dead grey, drizzly morning in Darwin, thanks to a rare northward moving trough from central Australia

2411AC002t.jpg (20872 bytes)

Another spectacular roadtrain!

2411A011t.jpg (42021 bytes)

The Ghan rolls through Adelaide River

2411A019t.jpg (40322 bytes)
2411A026t.jpg (20313 bytes)

Feeble convection along the seabreeze front northeast of Darwin

2411A010t.jpg (14985 bytes)

One tower goes higher and drops a brief shower

2411A057t.jpg (28664 bytes)

Magpie geese driven out of a mango orchard across the road by loud Chinese pop songs

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