2009 TopEndDownUnder (Darwin, NT, Australia) Stormchase

Stormchase 25th November, 2009: Trucks, Bulldust & Tropical Showers
There are so many things to see up here at the Top of Australia, ships, trucks,trains,coloured coastal rocks and planes, not to mention the real reason we are here and that's to see a few build-up storms, today though we see just a few tropical showers...never mind, they looked good especially when one drops 20mm in ten minutes, floods a couple of paddocks then disappears.

Back to trucks ......venture out onto Gunn Point road and watch the huge 'bull dust' trails go flying as one of the 4 wagon road trains hurtle past....It's blindness all around for several minutes as the red dust cloud dissipates (Bull Dust). After that we venture out onto the 'wet-lands' (still dry) at Fogg Dam and wait for the tropical showers to get started in the afternoon....the airmass is still rather dry from a brief southeast-trade surge the day before, by 4pm a couple get going with their small but spectacular rain-shafts and we play around between them...only for weather nutters, eventually they die out and we head back to Darwin for another soppy sunset.....

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill / Clyve Herbert

2511A002t.jpg (20120 bytes)

Pilot boat chasing a departing ship - Darwin Harbour

2511A003t.jpg (27148 bytes)

Weird coloured rock and distant cumulonimbus - Beagle Gulf

2511A009t.jpg (51886 bytes)

One of the many magnificent small inlets, Nightcliff

2511A008t.jpg (30054 bytes)


2511A014t.jpg (52796 bytes)

Tree roots in mid air, Nightcliff

2511A018t.jpg (31658 bytes)

4 wagon road train & bulldust, Gunn Point Road

2511A036t.jpg (37834 bytes)

Nightcliff jetty

2511A062t.jpg (22861 bytes)

Tropical showers get going, Fogg Dam

2511A067t.jpg (22061 bytes)

These small isolated tropical showers were real gushers

2511A047t.jpg (22113 bytes)

The showers barely lasted more than 15 minutes then virtually disappeared

2511A043t.jpg (20553 bytes)

Tropical shower sequence Fogg Dam

2511A087t.jpg (19760 bytes)
2511A051t.jpg (17829 bytes) 2511A052t.jpg (19253 bytes)
2511A064t.jpg (13405 bytes)

Although their tops reach barely 25,000', they produce spectacular rainshafts and rain out in minutes

2511A059t.jpg (18417 bytes)

Tropical shower raining out

2511A075t.jpg (18538 bytes)

Towards evening a larger convective complex gets going near Windows on the Wetlands complete with small flanking line

2511A079t.jpg (13736 bytes)

They produce stupendous updrafts...then a deluge

2511A117t.jpg (10703 bytes)

The updraft separates from the rainshaft

2511A091t.jpg (14249 bytes)

This tropical shower produced a surprisingly strong microburst

2511A098t.jpg (12791 bytes)

Waiting for the next shower

2511A115t.jpg (7639 bytes)

Ooooh, look!! a rainbow!

2511A088t.jpg (16791 bytes)

5 minute flash flood

2511A139t.jpg (19414 bytes)

...another Darwin sunset

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