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** Australian Webcams - Queensland - Port Douglas x 2, Airlie Beach


Current Victorian and Australian Weather Latest Australian satellite image, MSLP, latest Victorian radar, link to Victorian AWS readings and a daily independant weather comment - all on one page!!
Current Victorian weather stations Current private weather station info - as a guide only
Ozwind Latest windstrengths & directions around the Melb area
CSIRO Weatherwall Current Melbourne conditions as they happen. Information about the weatherwall can be found here
Current Weather - Renmark (SA) It's almost in Victoria...
Current weather details - Melbourne region Courtesy of Bureau of Meteorology
Hourly AWS readings Courtesy Bureau of Meteorology
Lake Eildon Lake Eildon Boat Club
Melbourne Real Time Temperature Obs Graph Updates every 10 minutes - courtesy of A Watkins
Melbourne Real Time Rainfall Graph Updates every 10 minutes - courtesy of A Watkins
Port Phillip Bay Wind & Temperature Updates every 10 minutes - courtesy of A Watkins
Port Phillip Bay Satellite Temperature Obs 6 day mean surface temps from top of the Bay to Bass Strait
Recent local lightning strikes - northeast Victoria (text)
Melbourne Webcam by omni-net
Monash University webcam looking SE towards Frankston
Mt Buller webcam Courtesy of Latrobe Uni - updates every 5 minutes all year!!
Patterson River Boat Club Webcam looking over Port Phillip Bay from the eastern side (still testing)
Royal Brighton Yacht Club webcam
Sandringham Yacht Club webcam Webcam looking over Port Phillip Bay facing W - SW
Coastalwatch webcams Click on the link to Victorian cams on the left
Melbourne Shipping Authority 4 webcams courtesy of the V C A - from Melbourne
Point Lonsdale Lighthouse 4 webcams courtesy of the V C A - from the entrance to Port Phillip Bay
Victorian Snow Cam Page by
Australian Snow Information Craigh McNeill
Australian Snowzone - lots of snow links
Alpine Weather from - includes images, charts & forecasts
CIAu Snow Snow reports, photos, links & information
Victorian Snow Cam Page by
Snowy Mountains area forecast courtesy BoM
On-line weather stations NSW, Victoria & Tasmania
Radar - NSW, Victoria & Tasmania Courtesy of The Weather Company
Thredbo Snow Conditions Snapshot of condtions.
Snow Forecast - Australia 3 days out courtesy
Snow Forecast - NZ
Mt Ruapehu on New Zealand's North Island
Snow reports - NZ
Blackheath Weather heaps of winter and snow information
Current Tropical Cyclone Information Carl Smith
Phil's Typhoons, Hurricanes & Cyclones page Phil Smith - Hong Kong
National Hurricane Centre - Prediction Centre Courtesy NOAA
Weekly Tropical Climate Note Courtesy Bureau of Meteorology
Typhoon 2000 Courtesy David Padua
Fiji Disturbance Summary Text discussion when current
Victorian cams - see top of page
Australian Webcam Directory The Master List of Australian webcams
Coastalwatch Webcams & forecast around the coast (sign up - it's free & there's no catch)
South Australia
Hallett Cove overlooking Spencer Gulf (sometimes not current)
Adelaide (3) courtesy of SA Dept Transport
New South Wales & ACT
Bankstown Airport - Sydney Last 30 minutes pics & live audio feed
Forster Midcoast weather station & webcam
McLeans Ridges View to the north from near Lismore
North-West Slopes & Plains Weathercam Mick Cole
Sydney Harbour & other cams Warren Frost
NSW Snow Cam Page by
Port Douglas (lake view)
Port Douglas (looking down 4 Mile Beach)
Airlie Beach
Seaview House Whitsunday Islands
Gympie Courtesy of Ted Uebergang - looks SSW
Hamilton Island Great Barrier Reef (Qld) - daylight only
Ipswich Courtesy Ipswich city
Logan Village Weather Courtesy Brendan Pratt
Caloundra Great shot of the sky rather than the surf
Darling Downs Jondaryan (including images from the past 24 hours)
Hobart & Mt Wellington View across the Derwent River
Wrest Point Casino View to Mt Wellington - great skies!!
Eaglehawk Neck - Tasmania Courtesy CSIRO (Tas)
Western Australia
Broome Cable Beach
WA surfcams 9 cameras
Mawson Station
Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour
New Zealand
Webcam New Zealand 13 webcams
United Kingdom
Wallsend (UK) Webcam Webcam capturing weather in the northern UK
Rob's Live (USA) Weather Cams Nice list of weather cams (USA)
4 MSL's A snapshot of the current MSL analysis, 10am prognostic, 10pm prognostic and 10am Indian Ocean analysis (small images only)
Latest Australian weather observations Courtesy Laurier Williams / Australian Weather News
National Radar Browse site Courtesy Bureau of Meteorology
4 panel plot Unisys analysis charts - 0Z & 12Z
MSL chart from South Africa to New Zealand Highly detailed (A = anticyclone, C = cyclone)
Sthn Hemisphere Jetstream Analysis Courtesy San Franciso State University
250hPa winds Analysis courtesy of BoM
500hPa winds Analysis courtesy of BoM
700hPa winds Analysis courtesy of BoM
850hPa winds Analysis courtesy of BoM
Atmospheric Soundings Vertical profiles of temperature, humidity, and winds -
BoM Aerological Diagrams Vertical profiles - username: bomw0007   p'word: aviation
Sig WX - Aviation Significant wx - username: bomw0007  p'word: aviation
Forecasting LI's etc A range of forecasting indices - how to forecast LI's here
TWC Weatherzone Charts, analysis, lightning  etc for Australia
MSL analysis Latest Synoptic Chart from the Bureau of Meteorology
Indian Ocean MSL analysis - 0Z NZ west to South Africa
Pacific Ocean MSL analysis - 0Z Australia east to South America
Southern Ocean MSL analysis - 0Z Australia - Africa - Antarctica (20S - 70S) 12Z analysis
NCEP Meteorological Analyses Analysis charts - 500mb heights / vorticity, MSL / thickness, 700mb vertical velocity, 850mb temperature, humiodity, wind, 200bm winds / divergence, Tot-tots / precipitable water
Derived Winds and Analyses Australian GMS-5 Satellite Derived Winds and Analyses
NSW Daily SST's Courtesy BoM :username: sydhob password: sydhob01
Sea Surface Temperatures - Southern Australia Average readings for the past 6 days
Sea surface temperatures Australasian region Courtesy
ANZ MRF models 6 panel forecasts presented by the NCEP -  to 144 hours
MSL 4 day forecast charts 4 day forecast charts from the BoM
Current CIMSS satellite images Brilliant collection of satellite imagery courtesy of Carl Smith
Lots of satellite images Brilliant composite page of many satellite images - courtesy of Robert Goler (ASWA - Victoria)
MODIS Near real time ultra high resolution satellite imagery - NASA
Global satellite images Your choice - courtesy of NRL
Global low-res image archive 1995 to now (IR) courtesy GHCC
Global GMS browse archive April 1999 to now (IR, water vapour, visible) - courtesy BoM
Black & White images
Global Mosaic Satellite Images Sat imagery from 35E to 125W, both hemispheres, all types
Infra-red globe - latest & 3 week archive Excellent IR images from Dundee University
Visible globe - latest & 3 week archive Excellent visible images from Dundee University
Upper winds courtesy of Uni of Wisconsin Water vapour image stitched by Ben Quinn: 85E to 185E
GMS Infrared image Australia to Fiji
GMS Water vapour image Australia to Fiji
Global infrared image: Eurasia to Hawaii Centred on Australia with coverage from 50N to 50S
Global water vapour image Centred on Australia with coverage from Pole to Pole
Infra Red Image of Australia Image from Met Office UK!!
False colour IR image Detailed image of E Australia & the Western Pacific
GMS Infra Red Image of E Australia
GMS Infra Red Image of W Australia
GMS Full globe IR Image from GMS-5 (black & white)
CSIRO Weather Images High res IR images.  Courtesy CSIRO & Kim Badcock
NOAA AVHRR Quicklooks Current & archived (to 1983) satellite images 
Latest infrared image of Australasian region Courtesy the Met Office UK!!  Excellent image
Full globe visible Image centred on Australia (click to enlarge)
Satellite Imagery - GMS Thumbnail links - Australia & our part of the globe
Colour images
BoM colour IR image includes links to different areas under Aust image
JCU IR image of Australia full size loop 3 day / 26 frame loop created by Robert Goler (updates automatically)
JCU Infra Red Image of Western Pacific & Australia Courtesy of JCU & JMA (colour) - updated every 3 hours
JCU Infra Red Image of Indian Ocean & Australia Courtesy of JCU & JMA (colour) - updated every 3 hours
JCU Infra Red Image of Australia Courtesy of JCU & JMA (colour) - updated every 3 hours
JCU Australia IR Loop  24 hour loop courtesy of JCU & JMA (colour)
JCU SE Australia IR Loop 24 hour loop courtesy of RJH Land, JCU & JMA (colour)
JCU Full Globe IR Courtesy of JCU & JMA (colour)
Full globe water vapour Image centred on Australia (click to enlarge)
Yahoo IR Loop Useful Australian colour loop
4 day MSL Courtesy BoM
MSLP & 1000-500 hPa thickness & precip charts Experimental product courtesy BoM - 7 days out
Wind - 850hPa, 500hPa  heights & MSL Forecast chart 72 hours out (more to choose) - ECMWF
500hPa chart - southern hemisphere animation Courtesy ECMWF
Unisys 300hPa charts 6 panels - 3 days
Unisys 850hPa charts 6 panels - 3 days
0Z BoM forecast chart Courtesy BoM
12Z BoM forecast chart Courtesy BoM
Meteorological Mapping Courtesy of NOAA - use lat / long to centre the image
ABC - Weather & Breaking Stories Satpic, warnings and breaking weather stories
new01.gif (172 bytes) North Australia Cloud Line Courtesy Dr Robert Goler (Uni Munich ex Melbourne)
Aviation Forecasts for Australia Courtesy Airservices Australia
Emergency Management Australia Disaster events tracking - gives a detailed history of individual events
First Light - Last Light Courtesy Airservices Australia
Project Atmosphere Australia Online Sel Kerans award finalist website - weather activities for schools
Oceanographic Analysis of Ocean Areas to the SE & SW of Australia Courtesy of the Australian Oceanographic Data Centre
Aviation Weather Services Forecasts, METARS, significant weather - well worth exlporing   username: bomw0007     p'word: aviation
Australian weather pages Links to other Australian weather pages
Climate Averages Bureau of Meteorology's detailed climatic records
Great forecasting links Summary page by Robert Goler (ASWA - Victoria)
BoM Olympic site A wide range of products available for the duration of the Olympics.
AUSLIG Place Name Search Gives the *exact* location of towns & features
Hang Gliding Federation of Australia
Project Atmosphere Australia Online Sel Kerans award winning website - weather activities for schools
MCTEX (Hector) Maritime Continent Thunderstorm Experiment - Tiwi Is
Weatherzone Courtesy of the Weather Company
Equipment Suppliers
Australian Sky and Weather Kestrel hand held weather monitors, Davis weather stations
Sphere Technologies For weather monitoring equipment, GPS & compasses etc
National Websites
Weatherzone The Weather Co
Australian Severe Weather Michael Bath/Jimmy Deguara
Australian Severe Weather Assn (ASWA) ASWA
Australian Weather   Michael Thompson
Australian Weather Links & News Laurier Williams
Australian Sky and Weather Kestrel handheld weather monitors & Davis weather stations ??
ACT & NSW Websites
Black Stump Weather Page Pete Garriga
Blackheath Weather Lindsay Pearce
Canberra Weather Simon Angell
Central & Southern Tablelands Weather Charlie Northcroft
Central West Weather Laurier Williams
Forster webpage Andrew & Barbara Keir
Hunter Valley Weather Tim Grugeon
Michael Bath's Lightning Photography Michael Bath
Northern New South Wales Stormchasing Dave Ellem
North-West Slopes & Plains Regional Weather Mick Cole
NSW Storm Chasers Matthew Piper
Snow & North Shore Storms
Storm Watch Grant Boyden
Severe Phillip Basil-Jones
Sydney Stormchasers Matt Smith, Daniel Weatherhead & James Harris
Sydney West Stewart Martin
Thunderstruck Matt Smith
Weatherwatch Don White
Wilga Tree Photos & reports from northern NSW - Rhett Blanch
Northern Territory Websites
NT Storms Paul Mossman
Queensland Websites
Brisbane Stormchasers Ben Quinn & many others
Brisbane & SE Queensland Storm Site James Chambers
BSES Weather links Bill Webb's site - promoting the Proserpine Sugar Industry
Cleveland Weather Justin Tume - also GPS & Sounder training available
Down Under Chasing Anthony Cornelius
Gympie Weather Courtesy of Ted Uebergang
Mareeba Courtesy Local Weather
Marty Pouwelse Photography Marty Pouwelse
Steve Baynham's Weather Photos Steve Baynham
The Far North Queensland Almanac
Townsville Storms Shane Williams
Willis Island Met Office (alias Gilligan's Island) Sean Carson
South Australian Websites
Weather Chaser Tim Eckert
South Mt Lofty Ranges Climate & Rainfall
Holton Weather Forecasting Ian Holton
Salisbury Downs Weather Station Mark Little
South Australian Weather South Australian Weather Enthusiasts
South Australian Surf Forecasting Ben Matson
Tasmanian Websites
Devonport weather station I & T Thatcher
Coastview Tasmania's coastwatch - includes webcams at Eaglehawk & Clifton
Victorian Websites
Anvil Industries Tony Middleton
Ballarat Weather Les Baxter
Beanzvision Ben Jerrems
Beyond Images John Kirk
Blair Trewin's Web Page Blair Trewin
Ern Mainka Photography Ern Mainka
Geelong Weather Services Lindsay Smail
Stormfreak - Lightning Photography & Storm Chasing Lindsay Knowles
Stormplanet David Simpson Vincent Teubler
RJH Melbourne Robin Land
Robert Goler's Web Page Robert Goler
Tastyworm Severe Weather
Threatening Skies Robbie Alexander
Wild Weather World Kevin Phyland
West Australian Websites
Esperance Met Office
Electric Skies Radek Dolecki
Jane Brook Weather Jason Bush
Perth - Local & World Weather Jacob Aufdemkampe
Rockingham weather station
Severe Weather Ira Fehlberg
Strike One Michael Fewings
Thornlie weather station

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