Waterspout off Newcastle......

19th September 2004

Images:Michael O'Connor


I noticed a small storm cell moving north up the coast just offshore on the radar on Weatherzone (this was around 11am) so I headed for the beach to play around with the camera. I wasn't expecting anything too special so I was sitting on the top of one of the cliffs between the beaches in Newcastle watching this small cell move past the beaches and the harbour.
I was taking photos of the rain curtain and random photos of the scenery around the harbour and only until the waterspout had fully developed did I realise what it was. it was fantastic. within 60 seconds the road behind me was chock-a-block full of spectators and parked cars, I swear everyone in Newcastle was there watching. in some of the photos you can see a small yacht which came very very close tot he waterspout, and the WESTPAC rescue helicopter was hovering around nearby watching over him. The waterspout was probably about 2-4km offshore, the photos were taken looking approx. ENE.

22nd October 2004

Current Australian & Victorian Conditions incl AusSnow

Current Australian & Victorian Conditions incl AusStorm

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