Trentham Stormchasers 2009 USA Roadtrip

Stormchase 24th May 2009: Lusk district, Wyoming

Report: Clyve Herbert

Today was to prove a busy storm day...after the Wheatland storm weakened, we drove east to Lingle, WY. A better convective field appeared near the southeast WY/NE panhandle border. From Lingle, we headed north to Lusk (again) following a series of potent multicells. It was getting late and the storms were starting to weakly organise.

A large multicell between Lingle and Lusk collapsed and sent out a reasonable gust front. Pretty soon, storms were developing ahead of the outflow boundary near Lusk. The storms appeared to be generating in the midlevels, however what happened just east of Lusk surprised us....where a strong pulse ingested the outflow gustfront into its rotating base. We watched the rotation for about 5 minutes before the cell collapsed, sending out another outflow guster on its northwest flank.

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill / Clyve Herbert

2405J1310t.jpg (10541 bytes)

Curling rainfoot near Lingle

2405J1339t.jpg (12622 bytes)

Attractive gustfront between Lingle and Lusk

2405J1365t.jpg (9861 bytes)

Spot the landspout?! We were surprised to notice a weak landspout on the inflow on a storm between Lingle and Lusk - lasted about 5 minutes

2405C082t.jpg (9975 bytes)

Fast moving gustfront SW of Lusk moving NW


2405J1420t.jpg (8776 bytes)

The gustfront catches up with the Lusk storm

2405J1428t.jpg (9080 bytes)

The gustfront rotates into the base of the Lusk storm - rotation lasted about 5 minutes....

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