Victorian Central Ranges Fire

(origin Daylesford - Hogan's Lane)

23rd February, 2009

Images from Trentham area courtesy: Clyve Herbert,  Jane ONeill


230209ch01t.jpg (44069 bytes)

Just after the start of the Daylesford fire

230209ch02t.jpg (46927 bytes)

After arriving home ...

230209ch03t.jpg (42565 bytes)

No large embers...yet

230209ch04t.jpg (44888 bytes)

Huge pyrocu above fire core from Trentham

230209ch05t.jpg (44888 bytes)


230209ch06t.jpg (66108 bytes)

Example of burning branches falling from sky..!!!

230209ch07t.jpg (57211 bytes)

Example of wood ember that was still burning landed on the gravel...!!!!

230209ch08t.jpg (40426 bytes)

Plume between the houses Trentham

230209jon035t.jpg (62762 bytes)

Looking towards the fire from the road from Tylden

230209jon056t.jpg (40473 bytes)


230209jon061t.jpg (50166 bytes)

Fire plume

230209jon073t.jpg (41490 bytes)


230209jon074t.jpg (41458 bytes)

Convection detail

230209jon075t.jpg (39712 bytes)
230209jon091t.jpg (39862 bytes) 230209jon095t.jpg (37455 bytes)

More convection detail - like a volcanic eruption!

230209jon093t.jpg (35927 bytes)

Wind change advances through the area

230209jon097t.jpg (46727 bytes)
230209jon129t.jpg (34829 bytes)

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