ThunderDownUnder November 2010 - Locusts and severe pulse storms

Friday, November 26

Photography: Jane ONeill / Clyve Herbert

261110ch025t.jpg (45661 bytes)

Early afternoon convection, Heathcote

261110ch035t.jpg (49167 bytes)

Interesting inflow bands, Heathcote

261110ch048t.jpg (44451 bytes)

Yikes!!  Base rotates near Heathcote

261110ch053t.jpg (45646 bytes)

Isolated storm, west of Colbinabbin

261110ch055t.jpg (40827 bytes) 261110jon088t.jpg (50174 bytes)

261110jon143t.jpg (52926 bytes)

As the Heathcote storms disappated, the convergence line continued to produce ragged lowerings and later developed into bigger storms

Cells rapidly develop along a converging line north of Heathcote

261110jon104t.jpg (55764 bytes)  


261110jon133t.jpg (60714 bytes)

Pulse storm gets going, Tongala. Nice rain free base

261110jon137t.jpg (61435 bytes)



261110chpan1t.jpg (31880 bytes)

Panorama of inflow alignment, Tongala



261110ch072t.jpg (37928 bytes)

Severe pulse storm gets its act together, Tongala

261110ch077t.jpg (37534 bytes)

The Tongala storm developed an impressive flanking line


261110ch087t.jpg (41085 bytes)

Spectator and storm

261110ch089t.jpg (47377 bytes)

The Tongala storm produced hail and continuous thunder for almost an hour before promptly collapsing

261110jon183t.jpg (60644 bytes)

261110jon198t.jpg (57551 bytes)  

261110ch106t.jpg (53292 bytes)

Wall cloud, Inglewood severe storm and suspicious lowering reaching the ground. We suspect this storm may have been briefly tornadic.

261110jon290t.jpg (46659 bytes)

The white dots are locusts. The lowering was rotating. (also caught on video)

261110ch127t.jpg (42516 bytes)

Inglewood storm expands into a huge gusher

261110ch138t.jpg (39012 bytes)

Banded inflow, northern quadrant

261110ch145t.jpg (42754 bytes)

The Inglewood storm provided great photographic opportunities

261110ch140t.jpg (38085 bytes)


261110jon435t.jpg (48705 bytes)  

261110ch155t.jpg (60032 bytes)

Flash flooding Inglewood

261110jon156t.jpg (63367 bytes)

Locusts were thick and fast both in the air and on the ground

261110jon260t.jpg (66860 bytes) 261110jon261t.jpg (74581 bytes)

261110jon239t.jpg (59848 bytes)

Outflow boundary moving west, photo taken near Echuca (formerly outflow from the Tongala pulse storm) It was interesting to see how the outflow boundaries interacted with the environment in low shear conditions

261110jon278t.jpg (48361 bytes)

Isolated storm, Mitiamo


261110jon263t.jpg (43881 bytes)

261110jon474t.jpg (80986 bytes)

Dripping hoppers, Trentham - mum and daughter

261110jon488t.jpg (47788 bytes)

The convection gone...great sunsets!!

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