Trentham Stormchasers

TopEndDownUnder 2011

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill / Clyve Herbert

25 November 2011

A double story house is near 7.5 metres !, On our second day in Darwin we head for Nightcliff, a pretty coastal suburb northeast of the CBD, here we occasionally plonk and watch convection on the distant Tiwi Islands (Hector) but today there's no Hector ...and no sea either!, the tide has gone out and as we discover its one of the lowest tides for the year at near 0.2m, the high tide is expected around 6pm at 7.8 metres...hence the reference to a double story house.

The best time to view storms in Darwin occurs when the sky is clear and the ground heating becomes intense usually by late afternoon large build ups appear then develop into big bloody bludgeoning towers that can reach up to 50.000 feet in just 30 or 40 minutes. After our Nightcliff visit, we head for Fogg Dam about 60klm east of Darwin as the crow flies, this is another interesting area with a large population of birds of all kinds and most species found in the top end can be seen here, not to mention the reptiles...and hordes of pesky flies. We sit at Fogg Dam most of the afternoon watching storms gradually build, but today things are slow mainly due to a surge of drier interior air from the inland. We wonder about photographing wildlife then contemplate a sign that says do not walk here ..because of crocodiles !....and there under a tree basking in the sun and half hidden by green water was a 4 foot freshwater croc. With storms developing late we head back to Darwin for a quick tea before the late evening action starts, a stupendous updraft moves over the northern suburbs with a brilliant salmon pink refracted light showing up the cascading rain, the storm moves offshore and sends out a very pretty gust front...

2511jon009s.jpg (110850 bytes)

Looking for Hector!

2511jon012s.jpg (116347 bytes)

Tide's out!!

2511jon013s.jpg (103070 bytes) 2511jon014s.jpg (107431 bytes)
2511cdh011s.jpg (38237 bytes)

Brief funel under a strong cumulus, Fogg Dam

2511cdh021s.jpg (29945 bytes)

Black kite on the hunt

2511jon277s.jpg (126567 bytes)

Anyone for a walk?

2511cdh028s.jpg (116971 bytes)

Sneaky freshwater croc (under the tree in the previous pic)

2511cdh005s.jpg (42259 bytes)

Second funnel under a Cu

2511cdh009s.jpg (145460 bytes)

Crimson finches hunting grass seed

2511jon077s.jpg (138459 bytes) 2511jon103s.jpg (125353 bytes)
2511jon228s.jpg (114884 bytes)

Black kite closing in on his prey....

2511jon236s.jpg (134466 bytes)

Gotcha!!  Black kite scores a small fish from the shallows, Fogg Dam

2511jon237s.jpg (124086 bytes) 2511cdh031s.jpg (64141 bytes)

Tropical shower, Fogg Dam

2511jon294s.jpg (84752 bytes)

Tide's in!! Nightcliff

2511jon297s.jpg (90157 bytes)

Breakwater inundated

2511jon315s.jpg (122238 bytes) 2511jon323s.jpg (96482 bytes)
2511jon326s.jpg (93493 bytes) 2511jon335s.jpg (105523 bytes)
2511cdh070s.jpg (49163 bytes)

Stupendous updraft approaches Darwin's northern suburbs

2511cdh071s.jpg (50129 bytes)
2511jon348s.jpg (52547 bytes)

Curing gust front develops

2511cdh074s.jpg (49444 bytes)

2511jonpan1s.jpg (36291 bytes)

Gust front features

2511cdh092s.jpg (38045 bytes)

We were stunned by the salmon pink of the setting sun mixing with the rain shaft

2511cdh104s.jpg (38584 bytes)
2511cdh116s.jpg (41978 bytes) 2511cdh122s.jpg (36499 bytes)
2511jon436s.jpg (45489 bytes) 2511chpan1s.jpg (20311 bytes)
2511jon398s.jpg (55255 bytes)
Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode...

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