Demolition of the Australian Dyeing Company in Clifton Hill

23rd November 2007

For 14 years I have driven past this site on the south side of Noone Street, Clifton Hill.   I've chuckled at the sign on an entry to the building "THIS DOOR IS ALARMED", I've watched workers come and go till Christmas 2006, and then all fell silent, and everyone waited, and waited to see what would happen.  They started demolishing on this site a couple of weeks back, as they are doing on numerous old industrial sites in the area at the moment, and today, I drove around the corner to see blue sky, where previously there had been red brick walls.....the end is come........50 years of the Australian Dyeing Company gone....just heaps of twisted metal, bricks, insulation and wiring drifting in the wind......

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Updated: 23/11/07