January Photo Challenge

January 1st - 31st 2010

Images courtesy: Jane ONeill


One of the forums I'm on has a challenge for the month of January to take at least 1 photograph and upload it each day for a month. Interesting to see what your eye is drawn to over the period of a month......


January 27th - January 26th - January 25th -
January 24th - January 23rd - January 22nd -
210110jon033t.jpg (51611 bytes) 210110jon020d.jpg (147307 bytes) 190110jon031t.jpg (65537 bytes)
January 21st - Folded cirrus January 20th - Kelpie on the way to another day in the office January 19th - grevillea
180110jon001d.jpg (152026 bytes) 160110jon004t.jpg (55924 bytes)
January 18th - Optical illusion January 17th - 1 January 16th - summer sky in Trentham
140110jon018ttt.jpg (62137 bytes) 140110jon043t.jpg (77377 bytes)
January 15th - Advertising January 14th - Corella acrobats January 13th -
120110jon075d.jpg (227342 bytes) 110110jon007d.jpg (87078 bytes) 110110jon014d.jpg (204208 bytes)
January 12th - Tango, not in my face for once January 11th - Kangaroo paw on my way to work January 10th - Melbourne industrialism
090110jon005d.jpg (81271 bytes) 080110jon003t.jpg (37289 bytes) 070110jon007t.jpg (60486 bytes)
January 9th - paddocks full of dandelions January 8th - bark and cobwebs January 7th - sunglare on my way to work

060110jon047t.jpg (122816 bytes)


050110jon024t.jpg (62145 bytes)


0301jon008dt.jpg (84672 bytes)

January 6th - Tango retrieving January 5th - Scaffolding on a new building in Brunswick January 4th - Resident hare in my street
0301jon226da.jpg (71080 bytes)  

020110jon005t.jpg (79628 bytes)


01012010jon292dt.jpg (50227 bytes)

January 3rd - colt foal and a Welsh stallion January 2nd - detail on an antique barometer January 1st - LP storm in central Victoria

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