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The Sydney Hailstorm
Description & Hypothesis for the Sydney Hailstorm - 14th April, 1999 Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Vic)
Genesis of the Sydney Hailstorm Michael Thompson (ASWA - NSW)
Sydney Supercell Hailstorm Michael Bath (ASWA - NSW)
The Sydney Hailstorm - 14 April 1999 Bureau of Meteorology - brief report
BoM's Forecasting & Warning Performance Bureau of Meteorology - long report
Southern Hemisphere supercell - The Sydney Australia Hailstorm NSSL SWAT Case Study
Hail Frequency in New South Wales E Linacre & B Geerts
1998 Sydney - Hobart Yacht Race
Preliminary Report of the Meteorological Aspects of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Bureau of Meteorology - long report
1998 Sydney - Hobart Information SST's & satpics courtesy of CSIRO Marine Research
The Sydney - Hobart Tragedy Information courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald
A Wave Modelling Study of the 1998 Sydney - Hobart Yacht Race Dianne Greenslade - BMRC
Typhoon Vamei (December 2001 - images) Typhoon Vamei (December 2001 - information)
Visible image - 26/12 09Z          Visible image - 27/12 01Z Japan Meteorological Agency information
Quickscat - 26/12 23Z          TRMM - 27/12 03Z Overview of Tropical Cyclones - December 2001 - HK Observatory
Vorticity - 19/12 12Z          850hPa winds - 19/12 12Z Weather Underground forum discussion - A
Vorticity - 22/12 0Z          850hPa winds - 22/12 0Z Weather Underground forum discussion - B
Infrared image - 22/12 0Z          Shear - 22/12 0Z Typhoon Vamei in Stealth Mode - discussion board
250hPa winds - 22/12 0Z          250hPa winds - 27/12 12Z Tropical Cyclone Summary - Dec 2001 - Gary Padgett
Potential Vorticity - 28/12 0Z        JTWC information
Infrared image - 27/12 06Z          Infrared image - 28/12 0Z       
Scatterometer images
Infrared image - 27/12 0530Z
Coloured Infrared Image - 27/12 12Z
Coloured infrared image
TC Vamei - track
Snowfall on Ayers Rock
1997, July 11 - Snowfall event on Ayers Rock - Uluru   Courtesy Robert Goler (ASWA - Vic)
Tornadoes (Australian information)
The Leopold Tornado (Geelong) A collection of images & information about the 3rd October 2001 Leopold tornado videoed by Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Vic)
The 2000 Paraparap Tornado (Victoria) Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Victoria)
The Sunbury Connection Lindsay Smail (Geelong Weather Services: ASWA - Vic)
The 1997 Halls Gap Tornado Report courtesy of Paul Yole (ASWA - Victoria)
The Highton Tornado (Geelong) Lindsay Smail (Geelong Weather Services: ASWA - Vic)
The Marong Tornado   1911 Marong tornado - Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Vic)
The Sandon Tornado Short summary by Matt Smith (ASWA - NSW)
The Sandon Tornado Herald Sun article from 1976 courtesy Kevin Phyland (Vic)
The Tornado at Tom's Bridge Morwell tornado in the early '70s by Phil Smith
We don't get tornadoes in Australia..... 1995 Merimbula tornado by David Nicholls
Victorian Tornado Occurrences Summary of Victorian tornadoes courtesy of the Sydney Stormchasers
Tornadoes in the ACT A Guide for Residents from the ACT Emergency Services Bureau
Tornadoes (International information)
Tornadoes & Tornadic Storms: A Review of Conceptual Models Charles Doswell III and Donald Burgess
Non-Supercell Tornado Genesis Research Summary  Courtesy Bruce D Lee
Tornado Project Online USA site with lots of tornado information
On the Mesocyclone "Dry Intrusion" and Tornadogenesis Paper courtesy of Leslie Lemon (USA)
The Role of  Mid-level Dry Intrusions in Tornadogenesis associated with Landfalling Tropical Cyclones in the Western Gulf of Mexico Lon Curtis, KWTX-TV, Waco Texas
Improved Application of Conventional Radar Data and Satellite Imaging to Severe Thunderstorm Detection & Prediction   Courtesy Leslie Lemon
Severe Thunderstorm Evolution and Mesocyclone
Structure as Related to Tornadogenesis
Leslie Lemon & Charles Doswell
The Numerical Simulation of Non-Supercell Tornadogenesis  Bruce D. Lee and Robert B. Wilhelmson
Papers & Articles
Thunderstorm Forecasting Courtesy Anthony Cornelius
The Structure & Mechanisms of Hailstorms Paper courtesy of Keith Browning (UK)
The Radar "Three-Body Scatter Spike" - An Operational Large Hail Signature"     Paper courtesy of Leslie Lemon (USA) - 12min download over 56k.
Operational Uses of Velocity Spectrum Width Data Paper courtesy of Leslie Lemon (USA)
Long-range rainfall forecasting in southern Australia: Use of Indian Ocean data and upper level flow patterns: Ian Holton, Holton Weather Forecasting, SA
The Structure & Dynamics of Supercell Thunderstorms Ted Funk, NWS Louisville, Kentucky
Techniques for Issuing Severe Thunderstorm & Tornado Warnings with the WSR-88D Doppler Radar NOAA Technical Memorandum
The Mystery of Cloud Electrification How precipitation develops, evolves and is moved by airflow at different levels may explain hurricanes’ lack of lightning - R A Black & J Hallett
Hurricane Dynamics  from the site above -   deals with electricfication principles in relation to hurricanes
Cloud to Ground Lightning & Tropical Cyclones  Courtesy NOAA
Tropical Cyclone Electrification Studies  Courtesy NOAA
List of Chuck Doswell Publications Formal Publications that include Chuck Doswell as an author
Menu of all available Conceptual Models Covers frontal structure & behaviour, baroclinic boundaries, mesoscale phenomena, small scale conceptual models.
Theoretical Principles & Conceptual Models for Jets & Fronts   Courtesy NCSU - covers different types of fronts as well as split fronts
Investigation of the Dryline  Albert Pietrycha & VORTEX 1999 (USA)
On the Environments of Tornadic & Nontornadic Mesocyclones Harold E. Brooks, Charles A. Doswell III & Jeremy Cooper
Lake Effect Snow
Just What is Lake Effect Snow? A basic introduction
Climatology of the Vertical Atmospheric Structure for Lake-Effect Snow at Buffalo, NY   Troy D. Hotaling
Lake Effect Weather Page Buffalo NWS
Lake Effect Snow Forecasting considerations from David Ambro
A Satellite & Sounding Perspective of a 63" Lake Effect Snow Event Richard Wagenmaker (NWS, Detroit), John F. Weaver (NOAA, Ft. Collins, Colorado), and Bernadette Connell (Colorado State University).
Lake Effects Snow B Geerts
Lake Effects Snowfalls Keith C Heidorn
Lake Effects Snow Kenneth J Craig
A Method for Forecasting Lake Effect Snow Using Synoptic-Scale Model Forecasts of 850 mb Temperature, 850/700 mb Vertical Velocity, and 850/700 mb Relative Humidity Michael S Evans, NWS, Michigan
Lakes Effects Snow Events - Images Courtesy of NASA
Lake Effect Snow (with radar) Courtesy Michigan State University
Tropical Meteorology
Assessing severe thunderstorm potential days and storm types in the tropics    Lori-Carmel Chappel BoM - Darwin (.doc)
The Madden- Julian Oscillation B Geerts & M Wheeler (BoM)
OLR Anomalies - daily averaged Courtesy BMRC
The Madden - Julian Oscillation 
Geelong's Weather & Climate Lindsay Smail (Geelong Weather Services: ASWA - Vic)
June Temperatures in Geelong Lindsay Smail (Geelong Weather Services: ASWA - Vic)
Why Geelong is so Dry Lindsay Smail (Geelong Weather Services: ASWA - Vic)
Geelong the Windy City Lindsay Smail (Geelong Weather Services: ASWA - Vic)
Urban Heat Islands and Climate Change, Melbourne C.J.G (Jon) Morriss, Uni Melb
Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Such  Examples of vorticity
Vortices - the history of their discovery  The Von Karman vortex street
Image of a  vortex street off the Baja Californian coast 
von Karman vortex street   Satellite image of Alejandro Selkirk Island
Phenomena & Weather Facts
The Ingebyra Pulse Storm - SE NSW 2nd January 2004 Analysis & discussion - Clyve Herbert.  Images - Robert Alexander
Fractal cloud animations  Courtesy of NASA
Morning Glory & the North Australia Cloud Line Robert Goler's thesis involves examining how the sea - breeze collision can generate disturbances that form the morning glory and NACL.
Contrails   Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Victoria)
Icehole   Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Victoria)
Salt Sun   Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Victoria)
Waves     Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Victoria)
Dogs of the Day Pics of 2!! mock suns - Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Vic)
Gold Coast Propeller Cumulus An example of horizontal cloud rotation - Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Vic)
Bass Strait Jet Plume Exaggerated uplift in a cold air Cb - Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Vic)
Winter Solstice  Lindsay Smail (Geelong Weather Services: ASWA - Vic)
SOI Falling Lindsay Smail (Geelong Weather Services: ASWA - Vic)
Stormchase 1998
Stormchase  1998 - A Synoptic Analysis Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Vic)
Stormchase  1998 - A Synoptic Description Clyve Herbert (ASWA - Vic)

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