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It takes a very strong wind out of the NE to push the water under this thickness of ice and break it up. We did have winds in excess of 55MPH two weekends ago during our 29 inch snowfall. The roads were closed and of course white-out conditions were the norm. I would have liked to hear the wind doing what it did to the ice. It must have been awesome, but then what can you hear when the wind is blowing that hard in your face. The roar would have to be deaffening! We always get some ice piling in the Spring but not very often like this. As you say, " It's like Antarctica "

5/2/07: Some pics of Lake Superior IceCaps.................. -30C this morning.

27/1/07: We will be heading for the deep-freeze starting early Sunday morning (28th January, 2007) with temps expected around -25C and should last for a few days. It will finally be" Winter in Minnesota" 

Boaters on Lake Superior beware! 

You wouldn't want to be out there, in this kind of weather!  You can see how the waves were coming right over the deck in the stormy weather. Working on the Wilfred Sykes, the flagship of Inland Steel Company I was rather fortunate being it was one of the first super ships that was built after the war.

It was designed with a narrow walking passageway "tunnel" adjacent to the actual cargo hold where we deckhands could walk from one end of the ship to the other & be completely out of the weather.

Seaman that worked on the older freighters had to put a harness that was strapped & tightened around their chest with a line that was attached to a steel cable that was stretched  from one end of the ship to the other about head high. A sailor would still get pretty wet when the rolling waves would come up over the deck in rough weather but at least one would not get washed overboard!

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Current Australian & Victorian Conditions incl AusStorm

Current Australian & Victorian Conditions incl AusStorm

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