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Trentham Stormchasers USA Roadtrip

The "Going to Extremes Tour 2012"



Photography: Jane ONeill / Clyve Herbert

Reports: Clyve Herbert



Oklahoma - 19th May

190512JON382s.jpg (9971 bytes)

NW Nebraska - 18th May

180512JON520s.jpg (11648 bytes)

High and dry in western Kansas - 17th May

170512JON367s.jpg (35027 bytes)

Barrilla Mountains Texas Magic - 8th May

080512CH049s.jpg (35078 bytes)

SW Nebraska Magic - 5th May

 050512CH552s.jpg (9715 bytes)

Texas Storms and Medford Supercell, OK - 30th April

300412CH003s.jpg (9623 bytes)

Outflow Heaven, Kansas - 29th April

29412CH087s.jpg (39290 bytes)

The Lindborg - Salina KS Supercell - 27th April

27412CH228s.jpg (33983 bytes)

The Elkhart, KS Supercell - 26th April

26412CH069s.jpg (39300 bytes)

New York SnowChase - 22nd & 23rd April

23412JON552s.jpg (16930 bytes)

The Langley- Salina EF4 Wedge Tornado  & Goessel Tornado - 14th April

The Langley, KS Wedge Tornado - 14th April, 2012


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Last updated: 14th June 2012